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Breting-12 Communications Receiver


Yaesu FT-2000 6-Pole 3KHz Roofing Filter Modification/Upgrade

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High Fidelity Modulator Modification

Collins 32V-3 AM transmitter

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Introduction To Collecting & Restoring Vintage Vacuum Tube Amateur Radios
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Yaesu FT-2000 DMU Sensitivity Modification
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IC-7700 Transceiver Technical Video
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SMUG - South Mountain User's Group - UHF Repeater
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So who/what is a NE7X anyway?

NE7X is the FCC licensed amateur radio callsign of Thomas Boza in Phoenix Arizona, USA. Thomas was first licensed in 1964 and now holds an Extra class amateur radio operator license. Past callsigns held were: WN8NSH (1964), WA8NSH (1971) and WB7ASR (1987).

Thomas's current Amateur Radio interest are: collecting and restoring old vacuum tube amateur radio equipment, chasing DX and contesting. Thomas's favorite aspect of amateur radio is communicating with other amateur radio operators via "Morse Code."

Thomas has worked as an analog video bench technician for a Sony authorized repair center for 13 years, a UNIX/network engineer at Intel Corp for 25 years and is now currently working for IBM supporting UNIX servers running Oracle databases for the past 8 years.

Thomas is currently a member of ARRL (American Radio Relay League), CADXA (Central Arizona DX Association) and NRA (National Rifle Association).

Thomas is happily married to his wife Deborah for the past 23 years and they both enjoy their kitty-cat Julius. Deborah is a RN (Registered Nurse) with her Masters in Business and works at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Scottsdale Arizona.

The Radio Shack:

Mouse click here for inside pictures of the

 NE7X Ham Radio Shack

Radio Antennas:

Antenna Farm at NE7X's QTH
NO Home Owner's Association CC&R Antenna Restrictions !!!

Only a City Of Phoenix building permit required

Mouse click on the above picture to see tower installation details

United States Army:

After graduating from High School in 1967, Thomas joined the Unites States Army. After finishing basic training boot-camp at Ft. Knox Kentucky, Thomas went to Ft. Ord California to attend basic radio operator training, afterwards attended advance radio teletype training at Ft. Gordon Georgia.

9th Infantry Division (Vietnam):

During 1967-1968, Thomas was sent to Vietnam assigned to the 9th Infantry Division. After several weeks in-country, Thomas as able to transfer to the 9th Signal Battalion and operated the MARS (Military Affiliated Radio System) radio stations: AB8AU & AB8AZ running phone patches (short-wave radio telephone calls) for the troops.

Mouse click on the above MARS logo to take the AB8AU & AB8AZ Vietnam MARS radio station tours.

The 9th Infantry Division and the US Navy were both stationed at Dong Tam Vietnam. Together they comprised "The Mobile Riverine Force." For information about the 9th Infantry Division "Old Reliables" and the US Navy PBR (Patrol Boat River), CCB (Command Communications Boat) and PCF (Patrol Craft Fast) swift boats, visit the MOBILE RIVERINE FORCE ASSOCIATION web site.

The frequent mortar and rocket attacks on Dong Tam were well known to the Army and Navy personnel. Here is a link to a web site that describes (with photos) the 23 Feb 69 rocket attack that destroyed the main fuel dump and the 26 Mar 69 attack that destroyed the main ammunition dump. Mortar Attacks on Dong Tam

Viet-Cong bombardment was not unusual. Dong Tam was mortared with great regularity, typically three times a night for weeks on end. The VC wanted to keep us awake and edgy, tired solders made mistakes and had poor attitudes. Charlie would throw in three rounds, wake everyone up, and off we'd go to the bunkers with flak vest, helmet and M16 rifle. It got so intense at times that some fellows opted to sleep in the stuffy bunkers.

Currently today the 9th Infantry Division has been deactivated.

1st Armored Division (Old Ironsides):

In September 1967, Fort Hood Texas was officially designated a two-division post with the 1st and 2d Armored Divisions. After a 13 month tour of duty in Vietnam with the 9th ID, during 1969 Thomas served for 11 months in the 1st Armored Division located at Fort Hood as a radio teletype operator (MOS = 05C40). In December 1969 Thomas was honorably discharged from the US Army at the rank of Sergeant E-5.

As of December 24th, 2011, The 1st Armored Division has returned from deployment in Iraq and is now back at Fort Hood Texas.

My Mentor:

Check out Thomas's father's (W8MPY) 1936 160 meter AM Amateur Radio station, by mouse clicking on the below picture. It's quite a contrast to NE7X's Amateur Radio station of today.

CLICK HERE for information about old time radios
Mouse click on the above picture to take the 1936 W8MPY radio shack tour.

Good Friends of NE7X:

Phoenix Fire Station #9


Pictures Of HamVention 2000
WA8RJN Manchester Michigan, W4SJ Greensboro North Carolina, K6TK Los Angles California,
JA5VBH Tokyo Japan, G4FUO York England, and NE7X Scottsdale Arizona.

May 2005 Ham Grubdown
NE7X, K7SA, W5RCQ, N7RK, WA0KDS, N7JGU, K7CAX, KB7BGE, K7JEB, KO6SM and others

Mesa Arizona 2005 Hamfest Luncheon
NE7X, W7MD, K7SA, W8QYT, W5RCQ, N7RK, WA0KDS, W7CCC, K6TK, W1ZD, W7DD, KW7V and others

December 2005 Ham Grubdown

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